It’s all for you: DAMIEN

The wait is finally over.

After a year of trailers, freebies, panels and interviews, A&E finally started to air its new saries DAMIEN, based on the 1976 movie The Omen.

There, Damien Thorn was a creepy 10 year-old boy…now he is all grown up and he became a charming blonde haired man with deep blue eyes like the ocean in Malibu.

The first episode (there are 10 of them, A&E right now aired the firsts three) starts with our English Bradley James/Damien Thorn (please give us few minutes to be really proud about this) walking into a church (a special thanks to Mr.Kapur for this camera focusing on the crowing raven) and wallowing in front of the Crucified asking answers. Well, at this point if you are going to watch it you have to be really wise because with his extraordinary performance, Bradley James makes you feel so pity for him… If you already saw the pilot you have to admit it, because, in the deep of your heart you know that despite who he discovers to be, despite the evil things are going to happen, despite the bad … you are on his side and you always will. Maybe is just because, as the actor said recently in an interview, everyone has an evil side, you have just to be honest with yourself and, at that point, you can’t deny it anymore.

Focusing again on the pilot, few minutes later, from this flash-forward in the church, we are driven straight back to the story. Damien is now a 30-year-old war photographer who has forgotten all his creepy childhood. Besides he just killed his mother waving to her while she was falling from the higher floor corridor to the ground; made his nanny to hang herself during his party as gift for his 10th (?) birthday…and how to forget his father’s death in the act of trying to stab him with a holy dagger?!?!

Luckly for him, when an old lady shouts to him his nanny’s famous quote “It’s all for you” clutching Damien‘s face firmly between her wrinkled hands, some out-of-focus memories seem to start to resurface in the poor boy mind.

So, as we still feel sorry for this young man (and don’t try to deny your sorrow) who feels something in him must be really wrong if people around somehow or other always die, it’s time to find a scapegoat.

At least, if we can’t blame Damien, this pain needs a real Evil with a capital E. And who better than the new entry Ann Rutledge (an oustanding Barbara Hershey). Ann is a powerful business woman and apparently also a Damien‘s supporter. For sure she own the best Damien Thorn memorabilia collection in town…and we know how dangerous can be a fan of this range.

If you are going to approach this show with the right open mind I can assure you it will be love at first sight…better, love at first scene.

Glen Mazzara writing skills are well known to all, and I’m sure part of this talent is about his special working place…come on, anyone  can be a wonderful screenwriter when works in a real tree-house…writing “is made of the same stuff that dreams are made of” and all the best kids dreaming tales start in a tree-house.

Shekhar Kapur , with his brilliant direction brings a great script to life as the most “easy peasy lemon squeezy” thing to do in the world.

The cast is simply heavenly perfect: Barbara Hershey literally rocks and we are sure the  rest of the cast from Omid Abtahi to Scott Wilson is not going to disappoint us.

As for our Bradley James…well…his mother seems to have very soon understood to have the Antichrist at home (Bradley’s words); I met him here in London chilling around few times now and I had the same feeling so please, when you look at his face, don’t be naive…not even when he talks about his love for Disney‘s movies…for sure in his mind he is thinking about the best creepiest Tim Burton’s version possible…Luckly his power seems to affect just a little bit his favourite teams…check the worst Arsenal, Miami Dolphins and England Rugby Team performances and you will be surprise to find out how many times there are proof of his attendance at the stadium or in front of the screen. Despite this, the man who you see on TV is a really pure heart, the kind of pure heart who when kills an unicorn, this comes to life again (sorry, I know, but I owned something to the big Merlin‘s family about their dear Arthur)…a pure heart we said but the kind of ones with also a really huge amount of talent that seems finally finding his well deserved knowledge outside the UK.


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