Don’t let me run: CONTAINMENT

We could reassume the new CW series just in two sentences as the hilarious Italian review Luigi Toto did on his blog: “A mortal virus is killing everyone and you find yourself close in quarantine. Unfortunately is highly contagious so you can’t kiss Chris Wood”.
Jokes a part, Containment, is a series you can’t joke about.
Adapted from a Belgian series called Cordon, the new limited event series, 13 episodes, is not the typical CW series we are used to see on this network.
It debuted on April 19th from The Vampire Diaries formidable creator Julie Plec and directed by David Nutter (Arrow, The Flash)…just a brilliant tandem.
The Pilot opens on what a note describe as Day 13 of the crisis with all hell breaking loose.
Then here is a flashback and we find ourselves at Day 1 when the epidemic starts.
What make the series highly scary is that it dramatizes the beginning of a deadly viral outbreak who kills everyone who comes in contact with it. We are talking 100% fatality rate. It is an evolution of the avian virus…it’s science this time; we-re not talking about sci/fiction…there is not fiction; it’s something that can happen.
Apparently the virus was sourced through an illegal Syrian immigrant…but if he is patient 0…why others are dying before him….it’s at this turning point that the watchful viewer starts asking himself some questions…and starts to follow the different conspiratorial theories that begin to raise.

The task of maintain order in a scared Atlanta falls to a member of the Police Department; a black guy (and the choice of a black guy apparently is not just casuality) called Lex Carnahan (David Gyasi). Lex must not only navigate the butt/covering buffooneries of his chiefs, but also be worried about his girlfriend (Christina Moses) and best friend/collegue Jake (Chris Wood) who are both confined within the quarantine zone.

Amount of tension (the narrative plot oscillates between the two sides of the barricade) especially because a lot of couple divided by the barrier try to reunite, like happens to a pregnant teenager (Hanna Mangan/Lawrence) who is inside and her boyfriend outside.
Not only some are divide between in and oud the border; also who is inside the quarantine is divided as, for safety, has to stay 4/6 feet away from every other human being.

Some said Containment largely missed the winning successful CW‘s formula: romanticism and sexiness (despite Chris Wood who as Jake is hot as hell exactly as he was as Kai Parker in TVD…or maybe more…).                          But true is, that there is more romanticism in two people bounded into a place who start to fell in love just talking (more with their eyes than with words) staying 4/6 feet away from each other than in vampires who after seven seasons (and I’m a huge fan of the series) have been in a relationship with all the other characters, every time in what seems the epic love of their life. I don’t know if is just that after seven years who starts this path from the very beginning now it’s too old to enjoy that or if is something else but, to use again a wonderful synthesis by Luigi Toto: have to watch this epic love between Bonnie and Enzo after what happened in their lives before is something that give you a painful gastritis…and let me repeat myself: I have always been a huge fan of the show; maybe it’s just time for a last season and to refresh the network with something yes, very different; but absolutely terrific as Containment instead that give up on it after the first season.

What makes this series worthy of a second season is that the virus is just the fuse lighted to start. Containment is not about a virus but it is about isolation, decline of basics freedom and about how far from humanity a human being can go to save himself.
After few episodes humanity start to descends into a warriors/style anarchy in which roving gangs of tweakers, with skull masks and gang bandagers, bandanas and machine guns are fighting for the minimal provisions as graffiti begins to cover the walls and body without live start to pile up.

The cast is undoubtingly lead by Chris Wood, who coming off a memorably dark turn on TVD looks more comfortable than anybody else.
By his side, beyond who we mentioned above, we have others great performances by Kristen Gutoskie as the wonderful elementary teacher stuck in quarantine with 11 (or 14) kids and Jake (Wood); George Young as the main medicine inclined character Doctor Cannerts..who seems useless as if in Containment someone is doing some research about the virus well we don’t see him; Claudia Black as Health and Human Services bigwig Sabine Lommers and Nadine Lewington as Lex girlfriend best friend.
At least, as till now here it seems that if someone dies is really dead, we hope that the petition started and spreading on social networks to convince Netflix to buy the series can be successful.
Feel yourself free to sign for the cause here…and if you don’t feel you have to just close the article; but be aware when someone sneezes around you…


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