Terrorism is just an excuse: SNOWDEN

Oliver Stone’s new movie is based on the story of Edward Snowden, the American analyst who went clear about the abolition of privacy in 2013.

The script by Kiera Fitzgerard and Oliver Stone is based on the novels written by Guardian journalist Luke Harding (The Snowdenfiles) and by Anatoly Kucherena (The Time of the Octopus) who has also a cameo in the movie as Russian Diplomat.

Edward Snowden is portrayed on screen, with a non surprisingly amazing performance, by Joseph Gordon – Levitt while Melissa Leo is Laura Poitras, the one who helped Snowden to spill his secrets when he decided to go public. Laura was also the one who shot the documentary Citizienfour.

We learn about Edward story while he is talking in an hotel room in Hong-Kong with Guardian journalist Gleen Greenworld (Zachary Quinto) and Ewen MacAskill (Tom Wilkinson).

In a plot of drama that for too long is not sharp enough, there is a little bit of fun thanks to Rhys Ifans character, the heartless CIA trainer Corbin O’Brian…yep, O’Brian exactly as Orwell’s 1984 villain…for sure not a coincidence.

Any other director, would probably portrayed Edward Snowden as the man who put United States national security in danger but, in Oliver Stone’s eyes, he is a patriot who after an injury that killed his dream of being a soldier, finds a new way ( right or wrong it’s not to us to decide) to protect his people.

“Bombs won’t stop terrorism, brains will, and we don’t have nearly enough of those. I’m gonna give you  shot, Snowden” (Corbin O’Brian)

STARS: ♠♠ 1/2



UK release: 2nd December 2016           Italy release: 1st December 2016

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