When Jesus has been executed by the police he never “did give up”: TREPASS AGAINST US

Trepass Against Us is the first shy try to talk about Gypsy and traveller community. But when the men in charge are patriarch Brendan Gleeson and his son, on screen, Michael Fassbender well…you actually pretend a little better feature.

Even if the two main actors, as patriarch Colby and his son Chad are stunning as we are used to see them; there is something in Alastair Siddons script that went really wrong. That happens for most of the movie touching the peak in the final and it is so bad that it’s able to even eclipse Gleeson and Fassbender performances.

If Colby is a leader of a caravan compound who no one dare to cross; Chad is a strong man aware that his family (his son, his daughter and his wife) deserves a better life and that that life starts with a good school education. But Fassbender character is at the same time also weak to don’t be able to leave the camp and the family he is from.

Brendan Gleeson and Michael Fassbender characters are based on real life crime family members known as The Johnsons, aka The Godfathers of Cheltenham.

The movie has some funny moments too but despite Gleeson and Fassbender remarkable work it’s easily forgettable.

“I’m not gonna see you for a while. I want you to be strong. This is for you, okay? You keep this. things are gonna be different now, Ty. You understand? Yeah? Look after your mammy and do what she says. And you look after your sister. I’m relying on you now, Ty. I always knew I could. It’s all right, Ty. It’s all right. No crying, not in front of them. Look at me. I’m sorry, Ty. I love you so much. You’re gonna have to be the man now. You hear me?”

STARS: ♠ ♠

UK release: 3rd March 2017


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