SCRIBE: interview with Thomas Kruithof

François Cluzet is the unemployed Monsieur Duval in the last thriller SCRIBE by Thomas Kruithof. When is offered to him a job as phone calls transcriber from a very vague firm, he accepts without realizing that his methodical life is going to change pretty soon throwing him in a reality made of political games, lies and murders. Monsieur Duval joins also an Alcoholics Anonymous Group where he meets Sara (Alba Rohrwacher). As apolitical and anxious to prove himself to the life, Duval is unable to put together the clues of a nightmare and to understand his role in the game.

Scribe is a spy-drama where music, sounds and even the colors are part of the story.

Even is the plot is not new there are moments of fresh air in Kruithof‘s work.

STARS: 3.5/5

Listen to our interview with Thomas Kruithof here.

SCRIBE opens tomorrow in UK but is available also on demand.



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