When Hollywood loses its charm: WALK OF FAME

Writer-director Jesse Thomas movie-debut Walk of Fame tells the story of Drew (Scott Eastwood) who after graduating law school, works at a telemarketing agency with his best friend Nate (Cory Hardrict). His life arrives to a turning point the day he meets ex-flight attendant Nikki (Laura Ashley Samuels) and tracks her down at the acting school she’s attending. Here Drew discovers a new side of himself so he decides to continue attending classes even after Nikki shoots him down…hanging out with peculiar class-mates who are a disaster in life as they are as actors.

Walk of Fame tries to be an Hollywood-set comedy but unfortunately the moments that make you laugh are just a couple in more than an hour and a half. Fact is that the story has potential even if the plot is a little bit too predictable. Real problems are: the script, first of all, able to make unfunny any good attempt at humor. It the second place the leak in direction that made such a good actress as Laura Ashley Samuels ( In Time) play it safe. Last but not least huge mistakes on set like the mic booming into the scene. This is a movie full of foul language from start to end,  something that a good comedy movie doesn’t need to make its audience to laugh out loud.

Luckily Scott Eastwood ( Snowden, Grand Torino, Fury, The Longest Ride) is too good as actor to fail…even with a bad script…so he is the true savior…the hero into this disaster movie. What we are all wondering is how he become so unlucky lately in the choice of roles…but we are sure he’ll make it up to his audience and himself soon.

The quote on the clapper-board on the film poster says “How far would you go to make it in Hollywood” but it would be more appropriate for what the film shows something like “How stupid are you willing to become to get the girl?” 

STARS: ♦♦◊◊◊

Available from November 20th on iTunes , Amazon, Google Play, Microsoft, TalkTalk, Vubiquity, Rakuten.tv, Rakuten.tv and Sky Store.


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