I lost track of what was important: NEW LIFE

New Life is a new millennium Love Story by Drew Waters.

Ben (Jonathan Patrick Moore) and Ava (Erin Bethea) met on Ben’s driveway the day he moves to the States from London with his family. They are only two 7 year-old kids who start to grew closer as teens; and then became a couple at Prom and endured a long…as are just two hours drive…semi-long distance relationship during their first college-age years…until Ben wonderfully romantic proposal and their white-happy ending day. Ben becomes a great architect in his father’s (James Maisters) firm while Ava becomes a loved teacher. They discover to be pregnant at the same time also Ava‘s best friend Monique (Kelsey Formost with a lovely French accent) discovers she’ll be a single mom and asks Ava and Ben to be her daughter Noey godparents. But life starts to hit them very hard leaving their entire future in jeopardy. But “the most important thing to do with life is to live it”. This tear-extractor story is told us by Ben who often speaks in a well-worth British voice over. Ben teaches us how it’s possible “find joy in the storm; change prospective in life so the world can change it with you.”

New Life is directing debut for actor Drew Waters (Parkland, Friday Night Lights) who is also script co-writer of the movie alongside to Erin Bethea, Candice Irion and Josh Spake. As well as the one who conceived this sweet, sad, heartbreaking and, to say it as a British like Ben would say, fu**ing real story in memory of Dane A. Miller and Homer Russell Waters.

The two lead actors are simply extraordinary. Jonathan Patrick Moore (Blindspot, William & Kate) is outstanding as Ben. Erin Bethea (Fireproof, The Heart of Christmas) performance is touching. And together they are …a pure, deeply incarnation of love. In the cast also marvellous Barry Corbin (Blood and Oil, One Tree Hill loved coach “Whitey”). Icing on the cake, Mark Willard‘s original score and soundtrack including Love Was Somebody by Fiona McCourt, The World Won’t Stop by Hundred Seventy-Split,  I Am Ready To Go Home and Shoeboxes by David Ramirez, Oh Come All Ye Faithful by Mark Willard, Moving (In The City) by Mark Willard and Dave Cleveland and New Hope Rising by Taylor Letchman.

New Life is about love’s power, no matter the circumstances in life as Ben‘s best friend Michael told him: “It’s not about whether it’s hard work or not right? It’s whether if it’s worth it. You have to ask yourself : is it worth it?”. A powerful movie about the hope that love gives. A light for Ben at the end of the tunnel that bops into his life in the shape of a little girl with a French accent who loves pancakes.

“When I almost lost her I decided that I won’t let it happen again.” 

STARS:♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

New Life is available from November 20th on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Microsoft, TalkTalk and Sky Store.


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