IAN: a true story that melts hearts for this Oscars’ season

Abel Goldfarb’s Ian is an outstanding animated short movie winner of the Oscar qualifying prize at the LA Shorts International Film Fest.

Ian tells the story, the true story of a nine-year disabled boy, Ian precisely, born with cerebral palsy and who wants to make friends outside his school (where his mum told in Cannes he has plenty). Looking at children having fun in a playground from his wheel-chair, in the movie, Ian tries to join them; but every time he tries, a wind sweeps him back and through the fence with his body falling apart in lego pieces and then recomposing itself on the other side of the fence. Attempt after attempt, with his courage, Ian wins the children admiration. One day, all the kids in the playground try to help him not to be blown away once again and they are swept trough the fence into pieces like Ian and discover they are all made of the same material.

Real Ian can only talk with the help of a machine and he was teased by the children from a school nearby the rehabilitation center he attended. When Ian’s mother discovered the school was unable to teach students that bullying is wrong, she wrote an animated book, The Gift  published by Penguin which shows a regular day of a family who has kids with a disability. Every time a kid mocks Ian, she gives him a book.

Directed by Abel Goldfarb and written by Gastòn Goral, this Argentinian animated short is a tears-extractor that needs to be seen and deserves to be part of the greatest night for cinema of the year.


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