“Bombshell” or A History of Three Women


The Presidential Campaign of 2016, where the aggressive communication of candidate Donald Trump drew a line with the past, is followed from the point of view of Fox News newsroom, a right-wing headquarter headed by the unapologetic and paranoid Roger Ailes (John Lithgow).

However, Trump critic Megyn Kelly (Charlize Theron) has to face a fierce attack from the tycoon which threatens her own private life while young journalist Kayla Pospisil (Margot Robbie) naively begins to climb the stairs to what she considers a prestigious position. When fellow anchorwoman Gretchen Carlson (Nicole Kidman) is fired for refusing Ailes avances and decides to sue him, a scandal erupts in which even Kelly (already under fire for her criticism on Trump) and Pospisil will have to reconsider on which side to stand.

Based on the true scandal which shook the foundations of Fox News before Trump’s election, “Bombshell” is the first proper movie of the #MeToo era and has its strength in the performances of the three leading actresses (especially Theron) and the revolting paranoid boss perfectly brought to life by John Lithgow. However the story lacks in empathy and sometimes you have the feeling this movie is standing between correct fiction and documentary without trying to give a personal tone to the facts it talks about. Probably a much more unapologetic approach, à-la “Vice”, would have brought a different and more passionate outcome to a movie which rises important questions but it is not settled to remain in history as it could have.

“Bombshell” is nominated from three Academy Award for Best Actress (Theron), Supporting Actress (Robbie) and Make-Up and Hairstyling.


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