FTV Montecarlo: A private affair

A Private Affair is an eight-episode Spanish series released on Amazon Prime on September 23rd.
So…binge-watch or not?
We watched the first two episodes last summer at the 61st Montecarlo Television Festival and we have been left with an urge to binge-watch the six episodes left like…asap.Unfortunately we had to wait nearly four months to meet our Spanish Enola Holmes again.
Yes, because A Private Affair (here the Q&A with the cast) has that perfect mix of tension and jovial that gives flavor to a virtuoso plot; something that can compete with the other streaming platform’s originals.

Spain, 1940…ish. Marina Quiroga (Aura Garrido, El Ministerio del Tiempo) is an upper-caste girl, coming from a family of detectives. She inherited the flair and genius of her dead father, while her brother, well…the opportunity of wearing the police uniform, which, for Marina, will always be just a dream, due to gender inequality. Determined to find the serial killer who left a dead woman at the harbor, ruining Marina‘s illegal purchase of crime magazines from oversea, she will lead us through Galicia’s streets, alongside her loyal butler Hèctor (Jean Reno, here the press conference); while escaping to a mother too raffed to the customs of the time (Angela Molina, Velvet, Nessuno si salva da solo) and to a brother without a nose.

A Private Affair makes us wonder why Amazon Prime gives us so few originals. The plot is brilliant, and the story flows smoothly without giving you boredom. Cast performances are extraordinary, and music and cinematography are the icings on the cake.

A Private Affair, on Amazon Prime on September 23rd


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