My mum doesn’t raise a quitter: THE PROGRAM

I remember all my summer afternoons spent in front of the TV cheering for the Yellow Machine, for the man who first beat cancer and then started to beat everyone else.

So maybe  is for these teen memories that The Program glued me to the seat unable to move, to breath and with the heart beating faster and faster.

True, all has already been told…but it is not what The Program says that make this film one of the best movie at the festival; is how The Program tells a well known story.

Ben Foster as Lance Armstrong is a rare case of an actor actually less attractive than the subject, but he is simply outstanding in his performance.

Guillaume Canet is his pusher, the Italian doctor Michele Ferrari (why a French actor to portrait an Italian doctor?!?!?).

The rest of the cast is a lovely parade of well known faces for who is born in the middle of the ‘80s: from Bryan Greenberg (One Tree Hill’s Jake Jagielski) to Jesse Plemons (Friday Night Lights’ Landry Clarke) as Floyd Lendis.

Lendis was the one who spilled on his own use of EPO after he was caught and then on everyone. Plemons leaves a great and remarkable mark in the movie as Landis with a great script to help a really good interpretation.

Unfortunately, Dustin Hoffman cameo is a little bit distracting.

What make this film brilliant is the fact it doesn’t tell about Lance Armstrong life, is a movie away from his personal and domestic life: he meets and marries his wife in less than a minute then she disappears and we see his kids just on the podium at the last winning Tour.

Lance Armstrong story here is said in a new emotional nuance. This is a movie about feelings. Feelings of a man unable to accept defeat even when victory is a lie because what Armstrong is not is more simple than what or who he really is.

And even if as fan or as sport lover you felt yourself betrayed by him, after the movie, when you leave the screening, in the deep of your heart you know how impossible is to hate the man for what it did to this sport because, despite the lies, despite everything…Lance Armstrong is something more than just a cheater.


“Go out there and live the best life story you can” (Lance Armstrong)


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