AGENT CARTER is back…and we have a scoop

LFCC: Good-bye Cap America, there is a new beloved in Agent Carter’s heart

After the first season (we’ll not do spoilers in this article) a wonder popped into my mind: “How different would have been Peggy and Captain America love story if they continued to live in the same era?” I think a lot, actually. Let’s face it. Peggy Carter has literally kidnapped thousands and thousands of hearts all around the world and, this year; she became even more beloved than her Steve.

But the Peggy we met in Agent Carter is a strong woman who fight on two different fronts: against a world dominated by men who see her as someone useful just in bringing coffee; and a more personal war against Steve’s painful memories.

Now, if Steve had come to the dance; there would be two different options: or Peggy would not have become the heroine who we met in Agent Carter because she had not the push of the pain caused by the loss of her beloved; or she would be the further proof that behind a successful man there is always a great woman, and she and Steve would make one hell of a team. There is also a third option, actually: in the parallel universe created in The House of M, they would get married and then they divorced, maybe because Cap could not accept Peggy’s work superiority?!?! Unfortunately, we cannot know.

Listening to Hayley Atwell we understand up front we are, actually, in the presence of one hell of a team on and off screen, even without Cap.

Those who follow the actor on her socials will have already realized that we are talking about her friendship with Jamie D’Arcy (Edwin Jarvis). The two actors have been involved in the last few days in fun music videos become viral within minutes on the net.

However, what is it that made the world to fall in love with Agent Carter? Certainly her glamour and her impeccable make-up but, Hayley told us in one of her many anecdotes that the strength of this series is the ability to show, especially to the new generations, really strong women and the importance of being aware of their own value without the need of a recognition from the others.

At the end of this great and amusing hour in her company, Hayley Atwell left us with a small scoop about the new season.

Peggy is now ready to let Steve go (by the way the scene in the last episode is really moving and it’s one of my favourites). She is ready for a new love. This is not a real scoop, actually. We learned from Captain America: The Winter Soldier that she has been married and has children and grandchildren. The real question is: who will be the lucky one? One Three Hill fans hope in her antagonist-ish Jack Thompson (Chad Michael Murray) whose presence in the new season has recently been confirmed along with D’Arcy (Edwin Jarvis) and Gjokaj (Daniel Sousa).

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