Flickerfest: Stranger with Joel Jackson takes your breath away for 20 minutes

Stranger by Peter Skinner is set to be screen on Sunday, 13 January at Flickerfest in Sydney as part of the Best of Australian program.

Stranger is a 19 minute-long short movie and tells the story of a dangerous, charming and mysterious wanderer covered in tattoos and haunted by a nightmare. He drifts confidently through a bar and motel of an Australian town but, when he finds a real and deep connection with the damage maid of the motel, something changes within him and he finds himself questioning his own identity.

The strength of Stranger is that, during the screening, you won’t be able to take your eyes off the screen throughout the 19 minutes. In this movie, every little-tiny detail counts and it may be just around the corner,every second of the film… or maybe is just a trick… like when you spend a whole minute looking and the bathroom mirror and…sorry, no spoiler here, you have to watch it and find it out by yourselves.

Peter Skinner‘s direction and writing are extraordinary and they complement each other very well; so full of details the first one and so successfully basic the second one.

Trent Grenell‘s music smartly fills the wordless spaces building the right anticipation and pathos.

Joel Jackson (Peter Allen: Not the Boy Next Door, Jungle), who also produced it, performance as the Stanger is outstanding. He is able to give to his character all the shades he needs just through an aware use of the look, a perfect slouch and the right tone of his voice.

In the cast also Jack Ellis (2:22)Georgie Parker (Home and Away) and Georgia Wilkinson-Derums (Girt by Fear)

An unmissable Australian product so perfect to be able to wink also to the European audience.


Stranger will be screened at Flickerfest on Sunday, January 13th at 4:30 pm (AEDT). Here the trailer.




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