“We are very lucky to work with such wonderful actors like Aaron Tveit”: Michelle and Robert King at the 58th Monte-Carlo Television Festival

After a few episodes, we can see already that there is something new in the 3rd season of The Good Fight. In the 3rd episode, we just had the huge pleasure to see again DA Spencer Zschau aka Aaron Tveit facing off against Maia (Rose Leslie) and Blum (Michael Sheen).
What’s new about this season of The Good Fight? The music-moments we loved so much in the other series by Michelle and Robert King, Braindead, is now a leitmotiv we can not do without.
We talked about the great success of this series with the magic CBS couple Michelle and Robert King at the 58th Monte-Carlo Television Festival last summer.

R: When we write the pilot, we sit side by side. I stay at the keyboard and we start as showrunners to work also on cast and wardrobe.

M: And then Robert start to write and we always check back and forward what we showed previously and the news.

R: When we started, as we talk about US politics, we thought there was a bordering to not cross. But then we crossed it. For example in the new season, there are jokes about an assassination prosecute. For fiction to be good, you have to take any chance that is in front of you. So we are not going to miss anything regarding US politics or politicians.

C: And The Good Fight is becoming even better than The Good Wife…

M: Thank you. We are so glad you think that this show is even better than The Good Wife. I love both shows, I can’t say one is better than the other as I have no objectivity on this matter. But I will say: when we did the second show, we were very aware of trying to make it feel different from the first show so it wouldn’t be disappointing. That was our hope…

R:… and the other thing is that we were doing 22 episodes a year when we were on The Good Wife, and 13 episodes this year on The Good Fight. It allows us so much more thought and each episode has one more day of shooting and one more day of writing.

C: We saw Aaron Tveit in The Good Wife in a couple of episodes, then you gave him his own show with BrainDead and now his The Good Wife character is back in The Good Fight in few episodes…

M: In part is what the story demands. We needed a DA so we decided to go back with Aaron Tveit character and we know it works to have a prosecution like that. And we are lucky to work with such wonderful actors like Aaron. If he is available we’ll try to have him back again and again and again…

R:” One of the discussions about moving from TGW to TGF was to move the characters from Chicago to New York. We were worried about it ’cause we needed an excuse for some characters like the Tascioni…and we wanted all these people back. It would be odd if they were just magically moved all to New York. Aaron Tveit is a special case. We were working with him in BrainDead and we were so sad that the show was canceled that we wanted him back.”

C: Which is the difference between shows like TGW or TGF and BD?

R: Well, BrainDead was…is silly…all had to be guided by silliness and silly behaviors; The Good Wife and The Good Fight are more like real life: in TGW and TGF people get hurt, cry and people could die.

C: How works the writing process?

R: At the beginning, we write 3 months ahead of broadcasting. We start writing at the end of August, we start shooting in the middle of October and then we broadcast in February. The end of the year everything collapse, that’s why I direct the last episodes. We have three weeks between writing and broadcasting. And so every episode in between collapses, and collapses and collapses down; so the gap between writing and broadcasting is very short at the end. And oh, baby there are so many changes happening in the meantime.

M: Scripts change even after the episode has been shot…sometimes you have to add a dialogue if you need to make a little correction ’cause the political situation has changed or something relevant happened.

R: For example, we made an episode about the golden shower tape and following the news we had to cut some lines and add different ones.

M: We could not be good lawyers because we want constantly make things up.

R: We can’t live in a country like ours without realizing how many institutions are compromised. As more you look at the micro as more you reach the macro. We are living in an era where our president loves to be in the news and in front of the cameras. And you really want to blame someone because we have him there: the Republicans, or the South, or whatever…and actually the blame is on everyone working on TV or in the press. And that, for us, is the power in storytelling in this America trumping facts.

The Good Fight airs every Thursday on CBS. And don’t miss Aaron Tveit tonight in the 4th episode of the new CBS All Access series The Code.


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