It would be great if stars could make decisions for us: An Astrological Guide to Broken Hearts 2

Yes, on the occasion of March 8th, International Women’s Day, Netflix decided to give us the return of the best friend that all the girls would like to their side; we are obviously talking about Tio (Lorenzo Adorni, The Hunter), the astrology who tries to undo the complicated life of her friend Alice by sending her, every morning, a personalized horoscope made ad hoc on her birth chart, allowing her to avoid gross mistakes thanks to the help of the stars… why, however, the stars never seem to guess with Alice? It will be the second season of An Astrological Guide for Broken Hearts to reveal this arcane, as well as many other secrets about Alice (Claudia Gusmano), Carlo (Alberto Paradossi, Mascarpone), Davide (Michele Rosiello), and Barbara (Euridice Axen, The Young Pope) pasts.

In the second season, we will find all the characters of the first season, who, sooner or later, will return to cross Alice‘s path and this can only create, brilliantly, the idea of a circle that closes itself; as well as, with the last six star signs, it closes the zodiac wheel.

Before closing this circle, between farewells and new encounters, Alice will have to get lost just to find herself again; and which better place to get lost if not for the (purely personal opinion and, I am aware, absolutely in against the 99% of the world’s population opinion) overrated streets of Paris?!?! Between champagne and a perfect Emily in Paris atmosphere, everything will slowly begin to shape.

In these six episodes, will cross the life of our little Libbra, a Scorpio who will help her to pull out the anger, a Sagittarius who she will meet in person only in the future, a Capricorn who will “take” her to the most romantic city in the world; we will discover that someone at her side for a long time is an Aquarius and, in the end, a Pisces will show her a new Alice… And Davide? Well if you have not yet succumbed to the temptation to read the book of Silvia Zucca to find out his star sign, then you have to wait until the end.

As for the first season, laughter and moments of reflection will not be lacking and, the episodes, will flow away without you noticing; it’s impossible to stop binge-watching. The only note out of tune is the feeling that the last four episodes, were made in a hurry without giving much weight to the zodiac sign to which they are dedicated; a small reference to the character who represents that sign, a few seconds and then it is gone for the entire episode; a bit like, to stay on topic, when Nicholas Campion reads the horoscope and, after spending several minutes on the first signs, someone tells him that he is running out of time and so, in a few seconds, faces in the speed of light the remaining signs. Who knows, maybe it was the Moon in Cancer or that terrible Saturn effect.

An Astrological Guide to Broken Hearts season 2 coming on Netflix, on March 8th


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